Best Laid Plans

of course…

So this Sunday, I was expecting to cook for Dad and the boy and his family… Sunday Dinner.  I got waylaid by a suicidal head case at church, and we had to solve all his inadequacy problems before I could head home.  Got down to 52 miles of fuel left and figured I’d better get some gas then stop off at the store to pick up stuff for Dinner.  Check the time.  OH NO!  now it’s 11:15 and they’re probably at the house already and I’ve not even stopped at the store yet!  Text Dad, “eeeeeekkkkkk” and of course, he understood what I meant.  Get home and 2 min later he gets home.  No kids?  nope.  Well dang it.  So he ordered pizza.  No gym, but only 2 pieces of pizza.  Pats self on back.  Monday, taking Dad to get car fixed and dropping him off at work.  Have to finish a project tomorrow before I pick him up from work, then we have rehearsal.  Planning gym time on my way home from Dad’s office.  We’ll see how it goes.


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