ya, best laid plans

I had NOTHING on my calendar until band practice.  Then Dad needed his brakes fixed.  No problem!  I got it all worked out.  Take Dad to shop to drop off car, leave keys and instructions, take Dad to work, go to gym, enjoy rest of day. 

Took Dad to shop, he DIDN’T drop off the keys.  He gave them to me.  hmmm.  Took Dad to work, ran back to shop to get keys and instructions to repair man.  Went home to grab deposits and try to make a copy of deposit slip.  Computer likes to “help” me.  No I DON’T  want a sideways giant deposit slip, I just want the front so I can scan and get back on same page.  30 min later…   ok, head out the door.  Go to bank to get deposits done, go to my bank to get MY deposits done, head out to Egg and I for Breakfast as it is on the way to the gym.  Read my self improvement book while I’m eating.  Go to gym.

I was at the Gym on Friday remember?  I am out of breath and panting by the time I get to the locker room.  Huh?  Change clothes, go to treadmill and set it on my usual… 2.5 mph and 1.5 incline.  I’m exhausted!  Whew!  look down… Wow, 6 min?  slow the thing down to 2mph and compensate by going 30 min instead of 20.  Really dragging on way out.  Go home and take a 15 min power nap. 

1 1/2 hrs. later…

Go pick up Dad from work.  But it’s NOT moving!  4:15 and I’m not moving 1 inch.  The entry onto the interstate is backed up 2 miles.  Takes me 10 min to get to next exit, and I get to pick up Dad a little after 4:30, car is done, shop closes at 5:00.  He calls from the car saying, “We’re coming!”  Get there and pick up the car, go home to get instruments and then head out to practice. 

bottom line

tread mill 30 min, 2.0 mph and 1.5 incline.


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