zzzzzzzzzzzzzz wha?

So last night, and into the weeeeeee hours of the morning, I was trying to finish up some accounting work.  I went in to find that I had not yet reconciled January’s check book let alone February’s!  Oh dear.  Found all the missing accounts and got those entered in, I thought, then needed to find the January Bank statement.  No where to be found.  It was 3 AM.  I went to bed frustrated with myself.  Of course, then I dreamed of numbers in boxes for about 3 hours!  Got up at 6 AM, FOUND  the bank statement for January, finished entering in expenses and income, and reconciled!  YAY!  Did February’s and reconciled!  YAY!  I then grabbed all the stuff I needed (except the check book, it turns out) and headed off to do the report on the finances as of end of February.  I am now very, very punchy.  After a very weird and convoluted meeting, I trained the new treasurer with the department heads right there.  Much to their surprise, all the coding they were adding into the vouchers to “help me” had nothing to do with the way things were actually entered.  Ah, see?  This is Miscellaneous expenses.  Grin!  Really?  REALLY?  WHICH MISCELLANEOUS EXPENSE IS THIS?  Marketing miscellaneous?  Training miscellaneous?  Conference miscellaneous?  Um.  (This is from a speaking organization that considers “um” a 4 letter word.)  I then proceed to our Speakers Bureau, which is not a chest of drawers to put electronic speakers in.  The word of the day was “so” but being late, I only figured it out by listening.  *Giggles*  What do you call a seamstress of ill-repute?  A sew-n-sew so and so.  *slightly maniacal laughter*  My husband has left early to get to our grandson’s 2nd birthday.  I get to the party late but he’s soooo cute!  The other grandkids are there too and they’re soooo cute!  and I have a CUPCAKE!  YES!  I FREELY ADMIT IT!  but no ice cream.  I had eaten a banana, some peach yogurt, and a microwave Sausage Egg and Cheese Croissant during the meeting this morning, but that is long gone.  It’s about 3:30 and now I’m feeling Hungry and Entitled, so I say to my hubby, “Feed me!”

We go to Pizza Ranch. Oops.  (see earlier post)  I can’t imagine why my weight loss program isn’t working.  Oh, hello Obi!  Did you have a nice lunch?  you did?  and enough for dinner for the next 3 days?

We got home and I slept for over 1 1/2 hrs.  I am still punchy.  Everything seems to be either hilarious or maddening.  I find my 1st response to maddening is humor, so I am giggling… a lot!  and throwing things.

I am making Irish Soda bread tonight.

Important lesson #1:  Sleep deprivation makes for very weird and mostly unproductive decisions.


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