Happy Pseudo Psaint Pat’s

What do we have on St. Pat’s day?  Corned beef and cabbage, and soda bread!  Yum!  I cook my corned beef and veggies in beer in my crock pot for about 6 hours.  Lunch is at 12, I must then get it into the crock pot at 6.  5 hours is enough sleep for anyone!  Really!  yup…

Oh, wait!  I have to do dishes before I cook.  uh oh.  ok 5:30.  4 1/2 hrs. of sleep is enough for anyone!  Really!

Oh no!  I didn’t make the soda bread last night!  ok 5:00.  4 hrs. of sleep is enough for anyone!  Really?

hmmm, I don’t hear music going. Sit STRAIGHT UP in bed.  It is now 6:30.  How FAST can you clean that crock pot now you doofus?!  I got it all in by 7:00 and bread all mixed and ready to go when I get back from church at 11.  Zip off to church and am 10 min late.  I’m not walking in by myself, which is curious.  Sunday School is fascinating, but short because the Concordia Jr./Sr. high choir is coming and they have to get the place ready.  We get out at 10 instead of 10:30, so I’m home by 10:30!  🙂  The bread was supposed to cook for an hour, but it was awfully dark after 30 min!  It was a good dinner.  Yay!

no gym today

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