This is hard

No, this is easy.  All that is necessary is to schedule a time to go to the gym, and then go.  20 min of activity.  How hard is that?  It’s not.  All that is necessary is to watch what I eat and be sane about what and how much I put in my body. 

The LAW is:  If it’s Easy to Do, it’s Easy NOT to Do.  Well, yeah…

So I slept until 7:45 (slacker) then got up and started getting my 4 game accounts up to date… about 15-20 min.  I started on an analysis; I got the information yesterday.  This took me until noon.  I then played my game for another 20 min.   Then I went and did my brain games for Luminosity so I won’t be a blithering idiot.  I worry about that a lot.  I already blither…

I have a speech to give tonight on Negotiation techniques.  I call my partner in crime, Randy, to help me in the demonstration.  We decide what we’re going to negotiate, and now it’s after 1:00.  I write the intro and do some polishing up on the speech… 2:30.  Ok, now I’ll head to the gym… um, ooh, didn’t do the Sudoku or the jumble yet… I’ll just do that for a little bit…zzzzzzzzzzz.  oh no!  I fell asleep! Is that my new student knocking?

Yes, yes it is she knocking on the door at 3:30, so I will go to the gym after that. She gets done about 5:00.  Hubby comes home.  Hello hubby!  We heat up left overs for dinner, and now it’s time to leave for Toastmasters. 

Bad Mommy!!!!  no gym today.  I’m embarrassed.  Simple plan and I fail at a simple plan.  This is hopeless.  It isn’t going to make any difference anyway.  I feel bigger and more awkward than I did last week, and I’m not losing any, and I’m still wheezing and short of breath.  My clothes are getting tight, and Obi is winning and he knows it.  Why do I try? 

Because the point is to get moving.  It is not to lose 60 lbs in 6 wks; it is not to run a marathon in 1 year; it is not to get into a size 6 or 8; it is to get moving.  Can I move tomorrow?  yes.  So I will move tomorrow.

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