I thought if I had a blog, then any progress I made, I could look back and see and encourage myself.

I was wrong.

Having a blog is stupid.  I just post to all the world (the 1 person besides me that reads this) how I fail day after day after day.  I am NOT encouraged.  Walking or doing the elliptical or the stationary bike at a harder level and a longer period of time has negative results that are measureable…not positive.  Since starting this ridiculous project–eating more home cooked meals, smaller portions, controlled intake of sugar, white flour, and salt, and doing aerobic exercise, I have gained about 1 pound/week.  I am constantly tired, and have slept through meetings, appointments, conference calls and the like.  I still can’t get up off the couch without a good push, and God help me if I ever drop something on the floor.  I will continue to go to the gym, and to eat better, but I’m not going to weigh myself, or blog about my experiences, because ANYONE ELSE in the world that is doing what I’m doing is losing weight and feeling better.  Obi wins.  I concede.

This is my last post.

Well, I thought it would be my last post… I got a petition from all my reader pleading me to continue this silly thing.
Treadmill 30 min 2.5 mph 1.5 elevation

1 thought on “Why?

  1. Nooooo! Don’t give up yet! I mean, definitely stop weighing yourself, cuz that number isn’t doing you any good. You only just started and it takes a while for people to find you and writing it all down may help you to see what is helping and what isn’t helping and maybe notice patterns you didn’t see before and please, please, please, this is the only way I can know what you’re doing and how else am I going to advise you if I don’t have data to go on…GASP…and there were excellent moments of triumph and Obi can suck it!!!


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