Where was I?

I was a good girl and went to the Gym on Friday.
treadmill 20 min 2.5 mph 1.5 incline

Saturday, however, I took Hubby! 🙂 I did 10 min on the bike at lvl 5 on manual, then I did 22 min on tread mill 2.5 mph 1.5 incline. He did about 10 min on the bike and some upper body work on the machines and one leg exercise on the machines. Then we went to a double feature: Ty Burrell in Muppets2 as the Interpol Inspector (played as a Clousseau character) and then as Mr. Peabody in Sherman and Mr. Peabody. Arranged another piece of music for the brass.

Sunday, went to church and learned of the 3 stages of Jihad. I didn’t know they did theater! Came home and watched the Croods and had pizza (bad bad mommy!) then went back to doing arrangement. Went to practice only to discover that the arrangement I made, though in the same key as the YouTube versions, was 1 step higher than the band was playing it. Now I can’t transpose it down on my program. Puts the baritone in a completely different starting point than the score. Score is in A, Baritone is in D? Should be in B. Don’t Come easy came off ok. We even tried Play that Funky Music and God Bless the USA (which I hate.) Do I get aerobic credit for carrying 3 horns one block and up a flight of stairs? Got home in time to do conference call and watch Amazing Race.


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