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I was SUCH a good girl on Thursday.  I went to the gym, and I didn’t do my 20 min on the treadmill and call it a day… NOOOOOO, I did an actual work out.  When I was working with my coach, she’d give me these little work out pages showing what we’d done.  So I did do 20 min on the treadmill–mystery hike 2.0-2.7 mph and 1.5 –4 incline.  Then I went to the inclined bench with a 10 pound weight and did the sit-up, stand, and twist exercise 30 times.  Then I went to the chest press machine and did 30 reps at 35 pounds.  I then went to the leg curl machine and did 30 leg curls at 50 pounds.  Patted self on back.

It was weigh day… sigh

212.5 pounds

Then Good Friday… Drove down to Auburn and back (8hrs), gave a lesson, then went to Good Friday service, rehearsed with the organist and hubby for Easter service, and wrote music when I got home.

Then Pretty Good Saturday  Still writing music.  Went to Son’s in-laws for Easter Ham dinner, watched Capt. America 1.  I am beginning to feel sore. Finished Johnny B Goode.

Then Awesome Easter Sunday.  Sunrise Service.  Blew the doors off, had a wonderful breakfast at the church.  Then fixed lamb and roasted vegies and this amazing apple kuchen.  I am really hurting now!

No gym, No blog.  I’m TIRED!

ok, wanna change this to progress

It has suddenly occurred to me that I measure everything.  Body measurements, weight measurements, length of time on treadmill, incline, speed, resistance on elliptical, level on bike, distance traveled… 

I should just exercise because I need to move and I can see things, like reruns of SVU or NCISLA, or the Chew, Queen Latifa, the back of some really sweaty person gasping on the elliptical…

But I measure things.  Hmmm, my back is seizing up after only 15 min, it was 20 min yesterday.  Hmmm, my weight went up even though I exercised just yesterday!  Hmmm, I wonder how many calories are in this muffin?  Hmmm what time is it?  Is it too late to text someone?  What if the snow melts before I can get a picture of it?  Oh, ya, I can take the picture now and SEND it tomorrow.  oops, too late.  Hmmm, is this sweater tighter now than it was?  We all set deadlines and goal times/dates.  We set weight goals, production goals, performance goals.  We write them down, we monitor them and then evaluate our progress to see if efficiencies can be improved.  What if you never make the goal?  What if we just go along and don’t make any changes and don’t monitor our progress.  Does progress happen anyway?  Sometimes it doesn’t, sometimes it does.

Yesterday:  treadmill 20 min at 2.7 mph and 1.5 incline

Today: tread mill 15 min at 2.5 mph and 1.5 incline, 5 min stationary bike at lvl 6.  Heart rate went to 152, and so I got off. 


Picture optional

I took a picture of myself in my very 1st post.  Front and side.  This is ME at the beginning of this project.  I was going to take one every month.  I didn’t take one in April because although the results were measurable, the direction was wrong.  I had GAINED weight.  Why would I want to document that?!!!!  Well, because it was measurable…  I am not brave enough to ask my friend to take another picture of me for me to post still.  Failing is always part of the process.  No one wants to admit this.  You don’t move EITHER to failure or success, you move THROUGH failure to success.  And yet…  So today is measure day.  After 6 wks. of monitoring my intake, increasing my activity and writing about it to witnesses, I’m BACK down to what I was the 2nd week.  I suspect that the first measurement wasn’t accurate because in the past few days, based on how the scale was set, I have varied by 4-6 pounds by just getting off the scale and getting back on. Well THAT’S not right.   Drum roll please…… pdpdpdpdpdpdpdpdpdpdpdpdpdpdpdp.  Wait, ew, I drooled on myself…

I did 30 min on treadmill doing Mystery hike (varies from 2.3 mph to 2.7 mph and from 0 incline to 2)

Weight  211.5  Le Sigh.

What did I miss?

Left for a Conference Friday morning.  Not 4 in a mini, but 4 and a cooler in a Focus, and the trunk was so full that I could not have put my cooler or my computer in if I wanted to have clothes for the trip. 7 hrs in that.  I DID offer to take my car as it was big enough that we wouldn’t have been cramped, and could have put the cooler and my cooler and computer and all their luggage and 1 extra body in the trunk.  On the upside, I paid for 1 full tank of gas as part of my mileage expense… $30!!!!!  She only stopped 1 time on the way down and 1 time on the way back. 

I got no exercise on Friday.  I did do about 20 min of line dancing on Saturday however!  🙂

No exercise on Sunday, none on Monday and had best intentions on Tuesday.

I have it all planned out for tomorrow however.

But, it’s Wednesday!

I don’t go to the gym on Wed…
Went to take care of some errands this morning, and it took me from 8:30 till nearly 11:00, then lesson, then lesson 2, then lesson 3. I could have gone home for the 20 min before I had to head out west. I could have filled up on gas, worked on an arrangement, done some financial research, worked on the Percussion toy box…but
I went to the gym. hmmmm. Then I went to lessons 4 & 5, had a quick bite, picked up a piano book, then went to lesson 6, and came home. Watched Hulu Arrow.

Lower back keeps tightening up when I walk. Everyone thinks I should be drinking more water.

stationary bike 20 min lvl 5

Just when things are going well…

the car does something weird. I should have known. I was having some issues with my computer, and they talk to each other. When the computer gets messed up, the car goes skiwiffy, and when the car gets messed up, the computer goes on strike. Dad added 2 gig to my computer and that raised the RAM to 1 gig. wait… what? ya, so messed around with it and finally got everything seated properly and now I have 4 gig. It doesn’t turn on…. but now I have 4 gig. Took it to my friend to fix, and this morning, my car’s “Service Brake System” light went on. The brake fluid was low. The shop had replaced the rear break pads, and though the rotors were scored, they were serviceable. They had to bleed off some of the brake fluid and they didn’t replace it. Dam! Had to replace front brakes because they were corroded, fill up the brake fluid, replace a gasket on the crankshaft, and I’ve got about $1800 more repairs to make at a later date. It cost me $500 and all morning.

I am walking to the post office instead of going to the gym. 16 min altogether…

and you hear 3 voices in the audience replying, “16 min”
I had to stop 3 times on the way back because of cramps in my lower back. owie!

where does my time go?

I have it all laid out. I need to get some work done on the computer this morning, need a report done, need to contact a client, check my progress on my students… 3 hours. Then go deposit money for conference, then pick up computer, go to gym, finish song and go to practice. It’s now 4:30 and have lesson and now time to go to practice! How did I run out of time? Practice is in Tecumseh 1 1/4 hours away, then we get down to Union and 75 is closed to NE city. So we have to drive all the way to Tecumseh and back tonight instead of car pooling. Bummer. I guess you could call that 2 hr rehearsal standing up and playing 2-3 instruments at a time a work out.

Made a chicken salad… chicken, Green bib lettuce, cucumber, red bell pepper, craisins and raisins mix, green onion tops, raspberry vinaigrette dressing. It was good! 10:30 though, and I am really hungry. 😦