where does my time go?

I have it all laid out. I need to get some work done on the computer this morning, need a report done, need to contact a client, check my progress on my students… 3 hours. Then go deposit money for conference, then pick up computer, go to gym, finish song and go to practice. It’s now 4:30 and have lesson and now time to go to practice! How did I run out of time? Practice is in Tecumseh 1 1/4 hours away, then we get down to Union and 75 is closed to NE city. So we have to drive all the way to Tecumseh and back tonight instead of car pooling. Bummer. I guess you could call that 2 hr rehearsal standing up and playing 2-3 instruments at a time a work out.

Made a chicken salad… chicken, Green bib lettuce, cucumber, red bell pepper, craisins and raisins mix, green onion tops, raspberry vinaigrette dressing. It was good! 10:30 though, and I am really hungry. 😦

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