ok, wanna change this to progress

It has suddenly occurred to me that I measure everything.  Body measurements, weight measurements, length of time on treadmill, incline, speed, resistance on elliptical, level on bike, distance traveled… 

I should just exercise because I need to move and I can see things, like reruns of SVU or NCISLA, or the Chew, Queen Latifa, the back of some really sweaty person gasping on the elliptical…

But I measure things.  Hmmm, my back is seizing up after only 15 min, it was 20 min yesterday.  Hmmm, my weight went up even though I exercised just yesterday!  Hmmm, I wonder how many calories are in this muffin?  Hmmm what time is it?  Is it too late to text someone?  What if the snow melts before I can get a picture of it?  Oh, ya, I can take the picture now and SEND it tomorrow.  oops, too late.  Hmmm, is this sweater tighter now than it was?  We all set deadlines and goal times/dates.  We set weight goals, production goals, performance goals.  We write them down, we monitor them and then evaluate our progress to see if efficiencies can be improved.  What if you never make the goal?  What if we just go along and don’t make any changes and don’t monitor our progress.  Does progress happen anyway?  Sometimes it doesn’t, sometimes it does.

Yesterday:  treadmill 20 min at 2.7 mph and 1.5 incline

Today: tread mill 15 min at 2.5 mph and 1.5 incline, 5 min stationary bike at lvl 6.  Heart rate went to 152, and so I got off. 



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