I was SUCH a good girl on Thursday.  I went to the gym, and I didn’t do my 20 min on the treadmill and call it a day… NOOOOOO, I did an actual work out.  When I was working with my coach, she’d give me these little work out pages showing what we’d done.  So I did do 20 min on the treadmill–mystery hike 2.0-2.7 mph and 1.5 –4 incline.  Then I went to the inclined bench with a 10 pound weight and did the sit-up, stand, and twist exercise 30 times.  Then I went to the chest press machine and did 30 reps at 35 pounds.  I then went to the leg curl machine and did 30 leg curls at 50 pounds.  Patted self on back.

It was weigh day… sigh

212.5 pounds

Then Good Friday… Drove down to Auburn and back (8hrs), gave a lesson, then went to Good Friday service, rehearsed with the organist and hubby for Easter service, and wrote music when I got home.

Then Pretty Good Saturday  Still writing music.  Went to Son’s in-laws for Easter Ham dinner, watched Capt. America 1.  I am beginning to feel sore. Finished Johnny B Goode.

Then Awesome Easter Sunday.  Sunrise Service.  Blew the doors off, had a wonderful breakfast at the church.  Then fixed lamb and roasted vegies and this amazing apple kuchen.  I am really hurting now!

No gym, No blog.  I’m TIRED!

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