I’m back…

It’s been awful.  I have problems getting out of the car, off of the couch, into my coat…and worst of all…into the gym.  I’m trying to do this on “plan the night ahead and go at a specific time” and then crap happens and I miss my window and end up doing something entirely different.  But I got in today.  Saw my old trainer working with this old guy.  Turns out he’s a musician too–a BARBERSHOPPER!  What fun!!! So when I walk in the parking lot from my car to a store, my lower back seizes up.  I get pseudo cramps within 5 min where it hurts but I can still move.  I go to the gym and do the “mystery hike”  where the incline varies from 0-4 and the pace varies from 1-2.7mph and have NO problems whatsoever going 1/2 hr.  Isn’t that weird?

1/2 hr treadmill

I did NOT take my weight.  Tired of dealing with the bugger.


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