Phase II

Today… dat dat daaaaaaaaaaaaaaah… I went in for my 1st training session/fitness evaluation.

I’m a mess, but that’s why I went in.  Officially though, I’m 211 instead of 214.  🙂

My Trainer took all my measurements and worked out a plan for me to drop weight and get my health back.  I’m meeting with her 2x per week.  She wants me to do cardio 5x/wk and weights 3x/wk, cut down on carbs and log everything.

Went to do chin up and dip machine.  She had it set for 30 pounds, then changed it to 20 pounds.  I did 3 sets of 12 each.  Did 5 min on elliptical.

Starting phase II means paying attention and developing the disciplines to get to my goals.  Now, it’s not haphazard.  I am going to walk to the post office and back to finish my cardio.

Here we go. 20 min over uneven ground. Problem is the 3-4 min I had to sit down due to my back tightening up. That is really painful. It hurts right over the pelvic girdle. But I did my 20 min of walking. (cringes)


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