Un Just

Oh for pity’s sake.  How hard can this be?  I JUST want to update my phone.

Any time I say I JUST followed by anything, I get “HELP” from well-meaning people.  I don’t consider myself a stupid person.  I’m probably not as smart as I think I am, but I’m not stupid.  I cannot get my phone to update.  What does that sentence indicate to me:  I have tried numerous avenues of completing the task with no luck;  I have tapped into my friends and family and all the help sites on the internet with no results.  Now what does that indicate to these helpers?  Different story entirely.  I had one well meaning friend walk over and sit down next to me and say, “You simply (that’s always a bad start) go into your phone, touch the settings, then the general tab, then the updates and down load like this.”  She whips through all the buttons and gets to the down load button and hits it.  Then hits it again.  Then hits it with a different finger.  Then checks to see if the phone is on.  Then reads the fine print:  Phone must be connected to wifi to complete this step.  OH!!!!  Well, did you plug it into your computer?

So to everyone else that statement, “I cannot get my phone to update” means I have not done anything to solve the problem.  It’s like saying, “I cannot get my car to start.”  Then our helpful friends ask, “Did you get in it?  Did you have your key?  Did you get in the correct car?  Did you turn the key?  Was it in Park?”  How about, “I don’t understand Geometry!”  “Did you go to class?  Did you learn to count?  Do you know what a triangle is?  Did you read the question?”  How about “I wish I could play guitar!”  “Do you have a guitar?  Does it have strings?  Did you get it out of the case?”  When I make a statement to the world that I am incompetent on some project or some skill, why do they assume I’m starting at 0?  Why isn’t the 1st question they ask, “What have you tried?” instead of “Oh that’s EASY, you just… all you have to do is…. you simply…”  If it was Easy and all I had to do was just simply…, WOULDN’T I HAVE FIGURED IT OUT BY NOW?  Updating my phone turned out to be a rather complex series of steps that involved some things that were new to me.  Alas, when they print suggestions, are they Required to use jargon and code words to make the process more convoluted?

I did get my phone updated btw…  So how does this relate to the subject of this Blog?  It took me almost 2 years to get down to 187 pounds.  I’m now hovering about 210-214.  I go to the gym 4-5x/week and I watch my caloric intake.  The laws of biology and physics do NOT apply to me.  My well-meaning friends will say, well simply…  all you have to do is…  and well, that’s EASY, you just… Then I will blow up and throw something.


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