the Fatal Flaw

I tend to go to these super-hero movies.  I don’t know why, but I love the action.  These are people who by accident are placed in a position where they either play the hero or don’t.  If they don’t play the hero, there are no comics or graphic novels or movies about them and they go about their merry way not saving the world.  But if their planet has been blown up and they accidently land in a field in Kansas, or they’re with their parents and have to leave early and accidently get lost and the parents are murdered, or if they accidently get bitten by a spider, or shocked or come from a different dimension or whatever and see a need that they uniquely can fill and risk all to fulfill their destiny, they get franchises!  They all have that 1 fatal flaw.  It might be kryptonite, or a girlfriend, or the fact that they’re human and need interaction with others, or the fact that every freakin movie Spidey removes his mask to someone else… (by the way, why bother to wear a mask if you take it off all the time?) or the Green Arrow gets caught in lies because he believes his city is the most important thing in his life and feels he cannot honestly deal with the people he loves or who love him.  Here’s the thing:  They all have someone that reminds them what their fatal flaw is and helps them to work within its bounds.  It could be a side kick, a butler, their nemesis, a friend they confide in (not telling them that they are that weird dude or dudette in the spandex of course).

What if you have a fatal flaw and don’t know what it is?  What if you have prepared and studied and worked to fill a unique slot and there isn’t one?  What if all you know is that despite your best efforts, your talents and your preparation, there is something that keeps you from achieving your goals?  What if you go to the gym, get a trainer, religiously do your work outs, log every morsel that goes into your mouth (I had a cinnamon roll, coffee, chicken salad with low-fat dressing, a piece of fish small enough you have to eat it with tweezers, asparagus, a gnat and 2 boogers) and you GAIN weight?  What if you get every financial license known to man, are wise in every financial philosophy, have the most advanced tools and analysis available, and no one wants your help?  What if you’ve gone beyond what is required for your degree to study the arts and sciences beyond your field of expertise and are now referred to as a Know-it-all?  What if you play every instrument and sing and have perfect pitch and you get fired for trying to teach these skills?  What if you become an expert speaker and no one wants to hear what you have to say?  And what if you have no sidekick, no nemesis, no friend, no mentor to tell you what your flaw is?  You look for a common thread through all the failures, and it’s you.  But you don’t know what’s wrong.  You read every self help book, go to counseling, study your bible…

Then you throw up your hands and say I’m not meant for a unique slot… I’m meant for a very large, rather smelly hole.  Then you gleefully go about your life not saving the world!


What if you happen to know that the world needs your particular set of skills?  Maybe I’m the side kick, maybe I’m the hero.  I look ghastly in spandex…  If You’re the hero, take me along!  I can help!  If you’re the sidekick come along and we can take down this monster together.  Maybe you can clue me in on this fatal flaw that I have that tends to turn everything I do into disaster.  Wait!  Where are you going?  Come back!!!!

treadmill 30 min  mystery hike

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