I’m Tired…. (Blazing Saddles)

I stole that from my daughter…  Watched the video, and it keeps popping into my head.

Friday, Hubby took the day off!  Whee!  Went to breakfast, then went to gym, then went to Xmen, then lunch then home.  I had done an hour of cardio on Wednesday, and I took Thursday off.  BIG mistake.  I cannot take days off.  The rules don’t apply to me.  I was rather disappointed in that after all that work, and very very careful eating on Thursday, I gained 2 pounds.  Did the “healthy choices” for food at both places today… 500 cal or less.  I didn’t have popcorn or pop at the movie… and still had to jump up and run to the bathroom because of all the water I’d drunk during my workout.  It was an impressive workout as far as that goes…

I did 10 min of tread mill, then did 3 sets of assisted chin-ups and dips with weight set at 190 (means I was for all intents and purposes lifting 20 pounds.  Big freakin deal…) and 3 sets of 30s leg drills:  30 s of heel taps (tap heel, lift as if to march repeat) followed by 30 s of pulses, followed by 30 s leg extensions.  Then switch legs.  Then I went to the elliptical and did 20 min on that with cross ramp at 4, and resistance at 4.

Then we went to a barbeque… I had 1 piece baked chicken, a 1/4 cup of potatoes and a diet pop.  Then I blew the WHOLE DAY!  Completely ruined all the work I did for the past 2 weeks: I had a cookie.  I could cry.  That single cookie nullified all the good nutrition I had attempted, reversed all the cardio and strength exercising I did.  Now instead of up 2 pounds from last week, I am now up 4 pounds.  I ate a 3 oz cookie and gained another 2 pounds.  The physics and biology do not account for Hogwarts cookies.  They double in size and mass with every second they spend in your mouth.  3 oz grows to 6 oz, then to 12 oz, then 24, then 48, then 96, and now on the way down to your stomach, it’s a monster going to your muscles and disconnecting them from their nutrients and feeding the fat instead, hiding in your waist and your butt where no amount of discipline… physical or nutritional… can root it out!

soooo, (sung to the song from Blazing saddles) I’m Tired.  Tired of fighting the fight.  Tired of seeing the sight, of me in the mirror in the light…. Tired, tired of weighing my food, tired of adjusting my mood, Let’s face it, I’m POOPED.  I’ve had 100’s of plans, again and again, they scream the same thing.  “Watch all your portions and try these contortions, and THEN YOU’LL BE THIN!”  Baloney.  (whoops can’t have that)  I’m Tired.  Tired of starting again, hanging around with thin friends, “all you must do is..” pretend, that I’m thin.  Go back to the gym you lazy bastid!



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