I confess!

I may not have committed the actual deed, but I was complicit.  Oh the horror, the destruction! 

Today is Memorial Day, so what do we do after the services are over, taps is played, and tears are wiped away?  We barbeque.  I decided that since all the kids have moved out, hubby and I could actually barbeque steaks, so I bought some, and some strawberries and corn on the cob.  Yummy right?  I rubbed the salt and pepper in, dashed a bit of Worcestershire sauce, a touch of garlic and then, I did it.  The ultimate crime.  I gave them to hubby to grill.  Foolish, foolish woman!  How does one grill steaks?  You’re picturing it in your head right now aren’t you.  Coals gently glowing, the griller in his apron standing attentively by the grill waiting for the juices to rise to the top indicating it is time to turn them…  Nooo, we’re scientists and nerds here.  Place the meat on the grill, do 1/4 of a Sudoku puzzle, wait until wife comes out and says, well they smell ready to turn (burnt grease smell.)  Then you turn them and go back to your chair and do another 1/4 of a Sudoku puzzle.  Wife is in the kitchen readying the corn on the cob, the strawberries and the potato salad, grabbing the utensils and plates.  She doesn’t come out to check on the smell or the look of the poor unfortunate entre being tortured to death…no… 

Why do I mention this?  Well because I need help.  How do I enter this into my fitness ap?  There is no food listed as seasoned shoe leather.  Do I get cardio points for chewing it? or would that be strength points for cutting it and trying desperately to chew it into something swallowable?

no gym time, no walking today.  Bad Bad blogger.  (:^(


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