MEASURED progress!

I don’t know if you’d noticed of late that my attitude had been less than optimal.  It seems that when things go south, they do it in 3’s.  It used to be Kids, Work, Self growth, or Husband, House, Self growth, but whatever it was, the reason things went bad was because I was bad.   I wasn’t smart enough or I wasn’t dedicated enough or motivated enough or resourceful enough to get things done and micromanage everything around me like the super moms were supposed to do.  So when things weren’t going right at work (compared to other people outside my office) and things didn’t go right at Toastmasters, and things were awful at the gym, it was my fault because I had something wrong with me.  (See Fatal Flaw)  I thought to myself, a “Normal person” would have done such and so, and so this never would have happened to them.  Or a “Normal person” would have thought or said such and so… But being abnormal, I fouled it up.  So the last thing my trainer said to me before she left for Memorial Day weekend was, “When you come back next week, I want you to have lost 2 pounds!”  Well, that was devastating to me.  I knew that I couldn’t do that in my wildest dreams.  I monitored all my food, drank gallons of water, did my gym work or my outside activities but I never lost any pounds.  Never lost an inch, never felt less out of breath…  Why would that change now?  LeSigh…  So today when she was going to put me through my work out, the 1st thing she asked was, “Well?  How’d it go?”  What was I going to say?  I was almost to the point of tears and told her that though I had been doing what I was supposed to, I’d be lucky if I didn’t GAIN weight, and that I was really sorry to be so disappointing….  She said the platitudes that seem to come so easily to trainers…”Don’t be upset, just more time and more of what you’re doing with your food.  You’ll get there!”  Rah…. rah… rah….  Then it came time to step on the scales.  Oh horrors. 

wait for it…

Floor chest presses with sit-up, 30 lbs of weights

Abduction and Adduction machines at 40 lbs  with shoulder presses at 10 pounds each and tricep extensions with 15 pound weight

Lower back extensions on brace with hanging rows, followed by crossed arm back pulses.

wait for it…

210.7 pounds!!!  I lost the 2 pounds!  I celebrated with a candy bar.  (no, but it was funny…)

of course, I’m so sore I can’t move, but I’ll do some cardio tomorrow when I do my rose garden and dig up my irises.

1 thought on “MEASURED progress!

  1. Awesome progress!

    And it behooves me to inform you that the “if I was a Normal Person” guilt trip is not unique to you, therefore the existence of a Normal Person upon which to set our standards is highly doubtful.

    Mostly, I just wanted to say behooves.

    Keep up the good work!


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