Pride and Fall

Ya, I’m a beast, I’m a monster.  Rwarrrrrr!  Except…Saturday night when I went to bed, my shoulder joint started to hurt.  I took 3 Ibuprophen and tried to sleep.  It was a rough night.  The next morning, it was a struggle to get dressed for church!  Sunday is my rest day, so I didn’t go to the gym at all.  I had baked chicken with strawberries and potato salad for lunch, and that chicken carbonara they have over at Fazolli’s for dinner.  I was under on my carbs and only 30 cal over for the day.  But WOW did I hurt!  So it’s Monday and I have to go in for my training…

I confessed my silliness to my trainer… it went like this:  “I did a bad thing”  What?  “I went to the gym on Saturday”  That’s not bad… ” did 20 min on treadmill and 10 on bike”  That’s not bad…  “went to the weight machines.”  oh?  what did you DOOOOO?  “I showed off.  I lifted 20 pounds more and did 7 more reps than the guy right ahead of me.  I felt good about being Arnolina Braunschweiger  (obscure reference to Last Action Hero) and it didn’t hurt at the time.”  But now?  (with consternation on her face…) We did an upper body work out on Friday, you have to let your muscles rest.  “I know, I injured my shoulder,” I said with a single tear rolling pathetically down my cheek.  So for punishment, I got to do a core circuit.  Decline bench 12 crunches, followed by incline bench kick outs where you lie on your back and kick your feet straight out another 12.  Then we went to the assisted ab machine and did 30 crunches with a 30 second hold in the up position for 30 seconds.  Then we went to the sitting ab bench machine and put 80 pounds on the weight and did 15 of those.  Then went to the other sitting ab machine and with feet straight out did 15 ab crunches at 45 pounds.  We did that whole circuit 3 times.  Then we went back to the mats.  I did forearm planks on my toes for 30 s.  Then roll on to back and do a crunch moving left and right touching my heels with my hands like a metronome.  Repeated that set of exercises 3 times.  Then the coup d’grace…It was weigh day. NOOOOOO!  I gained weight even though I exercised and ate what I was supposed to? 

spinach/bacon soufflé from Panera’s

leftover chicken carbonara for lunch

weight 213.5  



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