Good day to walk inside

I went to a funeral today.  At least 1500 people there!  He had more mourners from his volunteer position there than he had coworkers.  What kind of legacy is that?  Well respected in the community, professional hero, loved by the members of his church, and not one person from his workplace showed up to the funeral?  He saved many lives, he was conscientious about his work and his training for his volunteer position.  He was soooo young.  How many from our workplaces would take a day off to come to our funerals?  The true impact we have then is not through our work in the cubical, or the sale of our next product, or the fact that someone’s air conditioner now conditions air, but through the volunteer activities we do where we interact with people. 

So I planned my funeral.  I’m going to get a recording of that skit in Holy Grail where the guy says, “I’m not quite dead yet… I’m feeling better…I think I’ll go for a walk….”  And at the viewing, “Hello Bob, how’s the wife and kids?  Don’t I look like myself?”

I got a message from myfitnesspal ap.  It said I wasn’t consuming enough calories, and if I continue on my present path, I should weigh 203 pounds in 5 wks.  My goal is to weigh 203 pounds in 5 wks.  What’s wrong with this picture?

I got a lap in (1 m) before the rain started.  2.4 mph

Spinach mushroom “fit fare” omelet, chicken sausage, bowl of fruit

Baked chicken, baked potato, banana

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