Bad Mommy

So the last time I had a training session was last Monday.  I was very down because despite my best efforts, I was up 3 pounds.  I beat up on myself, I called myself names.  I threw caution to the winds and ate what I wanted, slept when I wanted, and didn’t go to the gym at all on Tues or Wednesday.  I walked around the baseball park during 6th inning.  I got a phone call that my aunt had died.  I was devastated.  Friday, I had an appointment at 9:00 and training at 11:30, but my mind was not running on all 4 cylinders.  I jumped in the car without my shoes, and by the time I got back to get them, my session was 1/2 over.  Went to a conference and the only exercise we did was walking 1/3 mile to the dining hall and back.

They had the most amazing lunch!  Roast beef sandwich with onions, arugula, spinach and sliced bleu cheese and Dijon mustard.  It was amazing.  And the people around the table scraped off the mustard, threw away the bleu cheese and the spinach.  Cretins!  Also had a pork loin with pineapple, coconut risotto, carrots and broccoli.  Breakfast was spinach and bacon quiche, maple oatmeal, yogurt, and juice. 

I was pretty depressed thinking that after all that hard work, I’d have 2 bad weeks in a row.  Trainer had set the goal at 2 pounds/wk, and said she’d be happy with 1 pound, but we should strive for 2.  I said I’d be happy if I didn’t gain.  So she dragged me over to the scale.  These 2 guys got on before I did, and they were about 6′ and 188 and 182 pounds respectively.  hmmm, I weigh 30 more than they do.  Sigh.  “ok, step up.” “But I don’t WANT to.”  “C’mon, gotta check…”  “oh no, please don’t make me.”  “GET ON THE SCALE!” “yes ma’am”  Closes eyes. 

211 pounds.  I had lost 2 pounds.

We did 4 min on the treadmill at 2.5, with 1 min at 3.  At the same time, I did arm curls with 5# weights.  15 min total but no weights on last 5 min

moved to bike.  Did 4 min at lvl 5 on bike and 1 min at lvl 8.  At the same time, I did alternating triceps extensions for 1 min, and then alternating shoulder presses for a min–5 pound weights.  Held on for dear life at lvl 8.  15 min total, no weights on last series.


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