new stuff!

I know all the (torture) machines in the gym, am familiar with all the medicine balls, the slam balls, the bar bells, the dumb bells, the ropes and the elastic bands.  Yesterday I got to play on a new toy.  It’s an adjustable set of straps with handles suspended from the basketball support beams.  You adjust it to about mid thigh then you do pushups! and chin ups from a reclining position! and leaning forward, do triceps extensions.  If you’re brave, you can also put your feet into these straps located just below the handles and do leg exercises.  (But only if you’re very, very fit, and slim, and balanced, and completely insane.)  So you do 12 push ups on these wobbly straps which is harder than doing them on a bench or the floor, then you use a 12 pound medicine ball and slam it into the ground 12x.  Repeat this 3 times.  Then you pull the handles up to your ears and lean back and do 12 “chin ups” which I was surprised I couldn’t do very well.  You intersperse this with throwing the 12 pound medicine ball up into the air 12 times.  About this time, my back started tightening up.  I couldn’t even hold the ball in front after the 1st set.  Went to just the chin ups.  THEN, after you have noodle arms, you put your elbows by your ears with your hands, palm forward, behind your head, lean forward, then straighten your arms without changing your elbow position. Do 12 of those.  In between those sets, you do a V sit parallel to the wall, touch the medicine ball to one side, then throw it up against the wall (and catch it) on the other side 12 times.

*Note to self*  Do Blog immediately after this so that you don’t have to rest your arms after every sentence because you waited until the next day and cannot move…

Bad week for nutrition.  I had 2 breakfast meetings in 1 day, a lunch meeting the next day.  Got stood up on 3 different appointments and couldn’t do anything productive because they didn’t let me know until 15 min after they were supposed to show up.  Dang it!

Weigh in is next week.


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