and then the cherries came in

Sunday is my day away from the gym.  I got home from church and fell asleep on the couch for a about 30 min, and 3 1/2 hrs later, my hubby woke me up so we could go play in a concert.  Oh my.  Saw my kitchen friend in the drum section and she’s going to help me put up cherries after the concert.  It was hot, and I had to carry my instrument and some of the stuff that always goes with concerts… stand, water bottle, your hubby’s horn, and he carries the stands the mutes and the music (thank goodness!) There must be about 30 pounds of junk in that stand/mute bag!  As we played, these deep dark roiling clouds came in.  It made it at least not as bright, but the humidity is nasty.  I keep sliding off my mouthpiece.  We got back home about 6:00 and started pitting and steaming and processing cherries.  We barely made a dent.  Cherry jelly, candied cherries, canned cherries, and cherry mash to make jam out of. 2 1/2 hrs!  Then there’s the mess to clean up.

When I make my cherry stuff,  I know exactly what is going into it.  It takes 4 cups of sugar for every 3 1/2 cups of juice.  You get about 5 cups of jelly from it.  I can my cherries in juice instead of sugar, so the only sweetness is the cherry taste.  The candied cherries are going into some almond ice cream that I’m going to make later.

I did my aerobic work out yesterday…15 min on treadmill set on mystery hike.  20 min on elliptical with lvl 4 crossramp and lvl 5 resistance, up from the 4 and 4 I was doing last week.  10 min on the stationary bike on lvl 5.

Then we went to the movie, “Chef.”  You HAVE to see this movie!  It is fantastic.  Nothing blows up, nothing invades from outer space, no crime, no violence (except when he attacks the lava cake), has Jon Favereau, John Leguizamo, Oliver Platt, Scarlett Johanson, Dustin Hoffman, and Sofia Veraga.  The language is a bit rough, but if you’ve ever worked in a kitchen, it’s mild.  Buddy with a reconnect with kid flick.  I would Definitely see it again and may buy it when it comes out on DVD.  And it was about food, which I think about a lot… but only healthy food.  Ok I lied.  Fattening, flavorful, delicious, gotta-have-some-more food is what I think about…  then I pass a mirror.  I realize I can never eat for pleasure again.


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