Measurable Regress

Poor me!  Poor me!  I’ve been traumatized!  I need PIE!  I know it’s 11 PM, but I’ve had such a day and I’m sooooo hungry.  Just had breakfast this noon, and it’s been 10 hrs.  Why is it every time I have what I think is protein, fruit and vegies, it shows up as carbohydrates and fat?  Well, it’s hopeless and there’s nothing I can do about it, and it’s late and I spent the better part of 3 hrs in the car (including hitting the deer) and 2 hrs standing facing the bass drum and cymbals and having to look over my shoulder to see the music.  CRAMP!  and my feet hurt, and my calves hurt, and my abs hurt.  What’s a little piece of pie?  NOTHING!  I’m gonna eat it.  I know my trainer is going to look at my food log, and I DON’T CARE!  (yes I do)  

“So how’d you do on your cardio?”  I played drums for 3 hours… 785 calories.  “GREAT!  Now lets check your food log…”  oh crap.  “Hmmm 37% carbs, 45% fat and 18% protein.  and your goals are… um… 30% carbs, 30% fat and 40% protein.”  Carbs are doing better, but where is all that fat coming from?  What about all that yogurt and meat and cheese I’m eating?  oh…yogurt and cheese!  That’s the fat isn’t it.  What protein can I eat that doesn’t have fat in it?  Raw hamburger?  No… that’s 15-20% fat.  crud.  So I look things up and run into “don’t eat bananas” and “don’t take supplements” website.  Where’s the empirical evidence?

TRX exercises (from that hanging strap thingy in the gym…)  Chest presses 15, triceps extensions 15, 2 handed rows 15, ball slams 12 pounds 15x, chest passes against the wall 12 pounds 15X, side passes to wall 10 pounds 15 times.  3 sets

Weight…regressed 212.7  DAM!



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