what am I doing differently?

This is the question my trainer put to me.  What are you doing differently than when we started 2 years ago?  I was losing weight then, but I’m maintaining now, doing the same exercises I did, eating and keeping track of all my intake and my exercises.  What am I doing that keeps me from losing?  I am more disciplined than I was then.  I think green, and I do try harder at keeping the gym routine.  I was lackadaisical 2 years ago, going to the gym when I felt like it, then doing the “I deserve a cookie” routine.  I was supposed to lose 2 pounds/week starting in June.  That would have put me at 203 now.  I’m at 212.1.  I have hit 211 twice in that time, but bounced back up. 

It seems harder to go for 1 hour of cardio now.  I don’t think I could do 1/2 hour on the elliptical now let alone adding 10 min on treadmill and 20 on the bike.  I have increased the cross train and resistance levels to 6 and 6 on the elliptical, and now I can walk at 3 mph on treadmill.  I am at lvl 5 on bike.  I think that I’m giving myself too much catch up time.  You know you haven’t been in the gym for a year, don’t take it too fast, or you’ll be sorry.  I’m not sure…maybe that’s it.

My starting point, although I’m heavier than I was, is better measurement wise.  I don’t know.

Something to contemplate the next time I’m on the cardio machines…

Hubby and I haven’t been to the lake to walk in a long while, or to the walking trail near the school’s training center for that matter.

I guess I’m doing a lot of things differently.  I guess I’ll start by doing longer cardio sessions, and adding the lake/trail walks.  We’ll see if it helps make measureable progress.




1 thought on “what am I doing differently?

  1. More cardio is always a good idea. I love going on walks in nice weather, early in the morning when it’s cooler. The hard part is keeping a pace that challenges me instead of strolling along and enjoying the scenery.


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