my pet rock

So you know I had a Kidney stone.  1/2″ — 50 cal.  They broke it up on Tuesday…as far as I know.

I went into the hospital, they stuck me in the hand, and I woke up in the recovery room.  I still feel a lump in my back that might be the stone or it might be the end of the stent.  I have increased my water/juice/tea intake by, oh, at least a couple of gallons.  In Sweet Adelines, they said, “Sing Wet, Pee Pale!” meaning that we should always be hydrated when we sing to avoid damage to vocal chords, and the result is that on a scale from 1= water and 10=French onion soup, the pee was a 1 or 2.  It is now a 1. 

7/23, I went walking around the lake for my exercise. 4 mile walk about 1 hr. 20 m.  Didn’t bring my water bottle.  There are water pumps at the 1/2 way point, and I drank some there.  When I got home, pee was about an 8.  This didn’t bother me at all, and I just drank 6-8 oz. and called it good.  2 days later, I walked around the education center and took the hill.  Got a nice picture from up top.  Patted myself on the back, but once again, no water bottle, and pee measured about a 7.  Drank a 20 oz. bottle of that Green tea, and called it good.  7/26 I got the kidney stone emergency.  Are these things related?

This situation has wiped me out.  I can’t stand for any length of time, had to cancel my lessons, didn’t go to training, didn’t drive, didn’t go to band practice, didn’t make my club visits or help out in contests.  It’s a different kind of sore…  It’s like the rock in the shoe, or the plantar fasciitis, or an arrow in your back like the cartoons.  Before I had my hip replacement, when the barometer would go up, so did the pain, and every step hurt.  There was only one position I could sleep in, and 1 mm. off and it hurt.  But there WAS a position.  With this, it’s a localized spot of pain.  Not agonizing like it was that Saturday, just annoying.  There is no comfortable position–not standing, not sitting, not lying down.  I am prevented from any type of exercise until these stones pass, but like I said in the 1st paragraph, it feels NO DIFFERENT than before they broke the thing up.  And as yet, I’m not seeing any evidence that anything, powder, sand or boulder, has passed.  I have to wait until 8/25 to get the official results.

I have gone from watching my calorie intake to watching my liquid intake, and my exercise has been completely curtailed.  I guess I have to start over once this thing is done.  Thank God for Amanda!  She helps me to realize that a week or 2 off will not scuttle the whole project as she’s been on her program for 8 years.  It’s a set back, but not surrender.  Lesson learned? TAKE YER FREAKIN WATER BOTTLE WITH YOU WHEN YOU WALK! 

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