School’s started

Now my mornings are open.  I can WALK!  I can go to the gym!  I can enjoy my day until about 3:30-4!  YAY!

No I can’t.  We’ll see after Friday.  I’m getting nervous about this laser procedure.  How long will it take me to recover?  Will I still have to pass these stones (because if it works, there will be multiple stones.)  The ESWL broke stones into 3 pieces:  2 slivers and the big chunk.  Nothing’s passed.  The pain I feel is 5-10 seconds and intense, and then nothing.  I miss going on my walks, and actually miss my torture…um trainer.

I am trying to eat mostly protein and vegies.  I don’t think it’s working much on the weight situation.  We’ve had monsoon August, so all the grilling out we were going to do became indoor cooking.  I did make some wonderful barbecue sauce.  Maybe we’ll still get some barbecuing done in September.  All that toning I did, all gone.  I have to start from scratch again.  Argh.

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