being “good”

I did my workout on Friday with my trainer.  On Saturday, I went to the gym again!  🙂 How is this good?  I did mostly aerobic exercises on Saturday, then we took our granddaughter for a pumpkin outing.  We walked all over and got pumpkins and had fun.  I DIDN’T GET EXHAUSTED!  My back didn’t tighten up.  I didn’t get out of breath.  This IS measurable progress!  I like that kind.  I also got my hubby to sign up for training WITH me.  My trainer has graciously offered to train the 2 of us at the same time.  This is amazing because although I am terribly jealous of my hubby’s ability to lose weight at the blink of an eye, when he does, he looks amazing, and he doesn’t wheeze when he goes up the stairs, and he doesn’t snore, and he doesn’t break the furniture…oops, I said that out loud.  You can tell where he sits on the couch, you can see which side of the bed he sleeps on, you know which car he drives, which chair he uses in the kitchen.  He’s gone through 3 chairs at his computer at home.  He cannot just sit.  He throws himself into a sitting position.  365 pounds moving at 32 feet per square second.  That’s more dangerous on furniture than someone with a 20 pound sledge hammer.  I am excited that he’s going to get the training I’ve been getting.  She is so awesome.

So now I’m looking at what I’ve ruined because I’m too big.  I think it’s mostly internal damage.  I don’t like the way I look, my self esteem is low, I hurt.  It’s awkward to get in and out of the car, up and down off the sofa, in and out of benches at restaurants.  I hate buying clothes.  I don’t like passing a mirror.  My arms rest on my sides when I sit.  That really feels weird!

The self esteem issue was majorly turned around on Sunday.  I was in charge of getting food for the Stewardship Dinner.  We had chicken (some baked, some fried) and rib tips, potatoes au gratin, corn relish salad, ambrosia salad, cole slaw, rolls for 60 people, and I had a $600 budget.  I spent less than $350 and we had lots of food left over.  The president of our committee took the left over ribs and salads to the local firehouse.  The firemen really appreciated it.  Everyone was amazed at what I’d done.  What did I eat?  I had the baked chicken, the corn salad and coleslaw and a few ribs.  I will write a thank you note to the caterer for the wonderful food.  I did NOT get enough sleep yesterday since I went to the store at 7:00 am to make sure everything was ready before the event at noon.  Which means I left the house about 6:30.  I didn’t get home from church until about 2 pm.

So this weekend, I was good.  I’m going to be good this week too.

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