Moving Mountains

Amanda, I love your blog!

I love how you are putting new things in it nearly every day, your inspirational stories, your recipe ideas, your progress.  When I think of moving mountains, I’m thinking of getting off my couch.  That mountain that is my tummy just mocks me!  I cannot imagine you being in a funk for a week.  Just as I cannot imagine me being OUT of a funk for a week.  3/8/2014  It begins, my 1st blog post.  I even had a picture taken so I could remember how big I used to be!  hahahaaaaaaaaaaaa!  I knew I’d eventually be successful because I consider myself an active person.  Activity is fun!  Flying kites, hiking, dancing, and walking were all fun activities for me.  How hard could it be?  I was at 205 when I’d gone to my trainer and dropped to 187 before I had to quit (due to scheduling problems.)  So, reminiscing, I went back to that 1st post.  Walked 20 min at 2.3 mph and 1.5 incline.  weight 208

Today, had training session with trainer, did a superset:

biceps curls at 15 lbs for 1 min, triceps extensions at 25 lbs for 1 min, elliptical at resistance 5 for 1 min (184 strides/min).

repeat biceps and triceps minutes then 1 min on elliptical at resistance 10 (174 strides/min)

repeat biceps and triceps minutes then 1 min on elliptical at resistance 15 (156 strides/min)

seated chest presses at 25 lbs 1 min, lat pulls at 60 lbs for 1 min, back to elliptical at 5 for 1 min (176 strides/min)

repeat chest presses and lat pulls, and elliptical at 10 (154 strides/min)

repeat chess presses and lat pulls, and elliptical at 15 (134 strides/min)

The mere thought of doing those exercises back then would have put me into shock.  Yesterday I did 10 min on the tread mill at 2.5 mph, and 10 min on elliptical at crosstrain 6 & resistance 5, and 10 min at lvl 5 on the stationary bike.  After 6 months with the trainer, eating better (?) well… going to the gym more often (?) just for training and 1 other day, if I got around to it, has it made a difference?  Well… I haven’t changed me.  There’s something wrong with me that I need to change.  I have been told there’s something wrong with me all my life.  I have been ostracized, mocked, fired, teased and dismissed all my life.  I know in my heart that I am substandard in some way.  I have more education than any 2 average people.  I have more licenses in areas that require very difficult tests than 90% of the people in my business.  I play more instruments well than most band directors.  I am well versed in history, math, statistics, and Star Trek.  But I am sub standard.  I say to myself, “Self?  What difference is it really going to make if you eat correctly or not?  And what difference is it really going to make if you go to the gym every day?  You will never be back to your dancing weight.  You will always be fat and frumpy.  It doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside if you’re going to be substandard anyway.”  soooo

You saw my workout.  I was good at lunch too, just a cup of soup and a Mediterranean chicken flatbread sandwich.

weight 209.7

1 year later and I’m up a pound.  I think what makes me sub standard is I don’t know when the hell to shut up.

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