10K steps…how hard could that be?

HEY!  It’s Measurable!  and it’s fairly straight forward.  Start out with 2500 steps and just add 500 each day.  Walked from Walmart to home with my son and his girlfriend.  1.31 miles 40 min.  No socks.  Got home and my shoe was literally stuck to my foot.  The insides had disintegrated.  Note:  it did not hurt at the time.  Pried my shoe off and discovered a blister on my heel.  The support plastic in the heel was unpadded and hitting my foot directly, and the lining material had come out the top of the shoe, wedging my foot into place.  Because of my artificial hip, I cannot bend over to tie my shoes.  It stops at 90 degrees, so bending my knee to my chest is impossible.  It doesn’t hurt, it just stops…like tinker toys.  I pull my shoes off and put them on pre-tied.  This also makes for interesting contortions when I put on socks, or hosiery, or try to clip or clean my toe nails, and I never ever paint my toenails.  But I digress…

So Monday I went in search of shoes.  I went to Sheel’s and discovered that the last time I got shoes, the inside arch was too extreme.  It caused my foot to slide to the outside of the shoe.  When I used the bosu in my training sessions, it caused one of my tarsals in my foot to go out of place and that was quite painful.  The shoe guy suggested one that didn’t have the same kind of arch, and brought me out a pair.  I tried them on and liked them.  I wore them home and threw out my old shoes.  Ahhhhh.  But no, I didn’t walk at all on Monday.  Starting over on Tuesday.  My BodyBugg used to keep track of steps, but I think it’s died or turned into a butterfly or a moth or something.  I don’t remember how to use it!  I have to estimate how many steps I take, and they say 5 miles=10k steps.  So today, I should try to get in 1.5 miles.  I do not hurt from the last hike, but I need to remember to take water with me.  NO MORE KIDNEY STONES!!!!

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