10K steps–New Records!

OMG!  I am the fastest woman alive!  I have to get myself a red suit and a mask, and start fighting crime and stuff.

Why? you ask me…

I have an ap on my phone that is supposed to track my little walks.  It’s so cute!  “Activity started.  Distance?  0.01 miles Time: 0.05 min, average time/mile?  24 years, 6 months, 13 days, 4 hours, and 56 min.”  I exaggerate.  Today we went to the zoo.  It is not a fast walk, but it is continuous and goes up and down hills.  I figured about 3-5 miles.  I was WRONG!  Somehow, I left the zoo, traveled across the river about a mile, took a picture, took the scenic way back to the zoo and did 4 miles in 11 min.  I had 2 miles that I did in 3 min!  I know that’s gotta be some kind of record!  I did the next 2 miles in 8 min.  My average for the 1st 3 miles was about 22 min/mile, that’s not 22 min total, that’s 1 mile=22 min.  I didn’t want to squash any butterflies, or frighten the children in the aquarium, so I held it down to a mosey.  My son and his girlfriend do not remember me zipping out of the zoo at high speed.  The airport did not report any UFO’s crossing the river and back taking no heed to roads, traffic, etc…  To tell you the truth, I don’t remember much about my transportation, or whether I said the spell correctly, or whether Scotty really DID transport me to another place.  Seems there might have been a glitch in my gps on the ap.  Well DANG!

I had to edit my trip and now it looks boring.

I was feeling pretty good about myself…built up to 2 miles last treadmill walk in the gym.  Figured all I had to do was add a lap a day.  Then I had my training session on Saturday.  Ate right, did my walks…what were the results?  Gained 1.5 pounds.  WHAT?!!!!!   NO FAIR!  She looked at me and said… “Carbs, carbs, carbs.”  If I eat more protein, I necessarily eat more fat.  NO, I do not want to drink some powdered stuff!  I want to eat FOOD.  This is a lifestyle change.  I don’t want to depend on packages and powders for the rest of my life.

Exercises Saturday:

15 Ball slams with 16# ball, 12 chest presses at 25#, 15 Shoulder presses at 20#, 12 triceps extensions on dip machine 30#, 12 rows on machine 40#, hand raises with knee lifts 15, side to side stretches 15, 15 mountain climbers in standing position.  3 sets of each of those.

I have a women’s conference this weekend.  There are some nice walking paths there, and maybe I can get the gps to work.  I have to be careful what I eat this weekend!

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