Day 1 10k step challenge

That’s right day 1, again.

Why bother to do a 10k step challenge for a month if you don’t keep to it?  Why practice a difficult passage in a piece of music if you’ll never perform it?  Same question.  Putting forth the effort is the accomplishment.  I’ve never thought of it that way.  It’s not reaching the end of the race and getting the prize or the recognition, it’s getting past that 1st hill, it’s being able to go 1 more lap, it’s the getting better than you were last time.  My goal was always an end point.  When I reach such and such point, I’ll be done and I can mark it off.

I think what I’ve got to do is look at my schedule and tweak it a bit.  Saturday was gym time.  Work with the trainer, and hubby.  Did a lot of upper body work,  Shoulder presses at 20 pounds: 3 sets of 12, dips at 105 pounds (on the machine): 3 sets of 12, seated rows at 50 pounds:  3 sets of 12,  then did upright mountain climbers pushing against the machines:  3 set of 15, side to sides with 25 pound plates:  3 sets of 15, ball slams with 16 pound ball: 3 sets of 15.  Those last 2 or 3 ball slams were really hard!  I could barely get the ball over my head.

Sunday was church, a couple of lessons, then over to Panera’s for lunch–Mediterranean flatbread with cream of chicken and rice soup.  Then I went through 2 meetings that took me to about 4:30.  But Sunday is my rest day.  hmmmm

Monday I did NOT go walking because every other Monday, I have band practice.  So I drive 1 1/2 hours to the rehearsal with my hubby, my son, and one other guy that we carpool with.  What does that have to do with walking?  I play percussion in a community band, and normally that requires me to play 3-5 instruments at a time standing up for 1.5 hours.  570 calories for 90 min.  Then I drive 1 1/2 hours back home.  On one piece, I play 2 different cymbals, and 2 different drums at the same time.  My partner plays bass drum and 2-3 of the toys (triangle, tambourine, suspended cymbal, maracas, mark tree…anything that is NOT a drum.  Sometimes our section looks like it has a demented Christmas tree.)

Tuesdays, I have 1 lesson right after lunch, and one after school that I teach, and at night, I have church meeting, a club meeting or a rehearsal, depending on the week

Wednesdays, I have a club meeting at noon every other week, lessons through out the day with a break from 2-3:15.

Thursdays I have bible study during the mornings, though not through the summer, then a lesson after school, then depending on the week another band rehearsal.

Fridays I try to catch up on all the stuff I should have done Saturday through Thursday.  uh oh.

Setting a walking schedule, I have been squeezing it in here and there, and 1 complication can cause cancellation.  So I am going to set a time and do mornings through the summer.  I think my main challenge is not the physical activity, though that is daunting, but the time involved.  5 miles (10k steps) is 2 hours out of my day walking in place or going round and round in circles.  i guess a good goal is to get it done in less than 2 hours huh…

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