10k step challenge, day 1, tomorrow!


I did so well on Wednesday.  My goal was to walk 2500 steps 1st day, then add 500 steps/day until I had 10k steps.  Wednesday I walked 1.4 miles (2800 steps).  Nothing on Thursday.  Why?  My back stiffened up as I walked to my CAR in the DRIVEWAY.  No amount of stretching relieved it.  Friday we went to a conference, so I drove 2 hours, walked from the parking lot to the check-in center, to my room and back for the 1st session.  Collapsed in a chair in the hospitality room.  I did ok on the food, but was 114 calories over (stupid S’mores at the bonfire…)  Saturday, we went to get breakfast, especially coffee, before a day of educational programs and a contest and awards ceremonies.  We didn’t realize that when they said “potato bar” they meant potatoes the size of small wiener dogs.  Of Course I didn’t have to eat the whole thing, but I DID.  That night we had chicken cordon bleu, and chocolate cheese cake, and no walking.  Went over by 1000 calories.  So I might as well have eaten a small wiener dog.  I had a sensible breakfast this morning, then went to Applebee’s and had one of those wedge salads.  Sooooo good!!!  Still no walking.  Tomorrow…

My goal for April 4- May 4 was 90 miles total.  I did 13.

Set a new goal:  May 4-June 1 90 miles.  Walking during the morning.  On Lied trail, Walnut creek trail, around the neighborhood, or treadmill if the weather isn’t nice.

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