Day 3, oh my knee

ok, that was lame.  (lame, bad knee, see?  OMG what time is it?)

So the weather was not only rainy but windy.  So I did my cardio in the gym.  Good thing/Bad thing.  I did 30 min, but I walked at 2.8 mph!  This is much better than I usually go.  I started off with the mystery hike so I went up and down on the treadmill and sped up and slowed down.  I did that for 10 min before I desperately ran to the bathroom.  Note to self:  NO Taco Bell before a work out even if it is a salad.  Went back and did 20 min at 2.8.  *Grins*  So what’s the down side?  Well, on my 90 mile challenge (10k steps/day by the end of the month) it doesn’t count because I didn’t GO anywhere.  On my runkeeper, it doesn’t count steps or treadmill work.  I have to get a fitbit and get it connected to runkeeper and myfitness.  Right knee is a bit sore, but it’s a muscle thing, not a joint thing, so it will clear up.

Day four will be this afternoon.

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