It doesn’t count…

I didn’t walk on Sunday.  That’s my official day off on this program.  My hamstrings hurt so bad after that Saturday work out, I doubt I could have done anything but moan!  Monday night is Band.  I play percussion and burnt up about 500 calories.  This is not an exaggeration.  I looked it up.  I did not walk on Monday.  So it’s now 11:30 pm on Tuesday.  I did not walk today.  I had breakfast with my boy, did some paperwork, taught a lesson…Lost some time (OH!!!! that’s what you call playing video games!) and completely spaced out a meeting I was supposed to go to.  Made fish for dinner, and INTENDED to walk after supper.  I waited for my hubby to say, “OK, let’s go,” because he just asked to sit down and veg out after he got home from work.  So he did some stuff on the computer.  I guess he was waiting for me to come up and get him.  I waited, and didn’t nag.  Guess what?  MyFitnessPal doesn’t recognize intentions as actual distances!  I am Shocked!  Shocked, I tell you!!!  What is the difference between asking a 2nd time and nagging?  Tone of voice?  Urgency?  See, I didn’t give him the option of saying no.  He never had to actually make the decision, he just didn’t have to act, and I made the decision not to ask him again thereby granting his deep, unspoken wish…stay in front of computer and not walk.  It also granted my deep unspoken wish, stay inside on this gorgeous day and not walk.  Walking is a pleasant activity.  Except when my back seizes up, and that wouldn’t happen as much if I kept at it.

Tomorrow, I will walk between lessons.  At the gym, meaning I don’t get distance credit for my 90 mile challenge.  So far, I have logged 1 mile.  wheeeeee!  89 miles to go and 17 days to do it.  That means 10k steps every day for the next 17 days.  Ummmmm, oops.

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