I just checked my run ap on my phone.  It was sneering at me.

I looked at my calendar this week and it doesn’t appear that I was very busy.  How did I miss walking?  OHHHHH.

What shows up on my calendar are things that I must do WITH OTHER PEOPLE.  It doesn’t count things such as finding topics and researching speeches.  It doesn’t include cleaning my computer room or the entry room.  It doesn’t include looking for lesson books.  It doesn’t include the “drop everything and run over to help with the grandkids because we have to get the house cleaned for the realtor visits” runs.  It doesn’t include updating and entering all the names of the folks in my club and sending updates on coming events.  It doesn’t include writing my blog either.

It has been cold and rainy.  Sorry Amanda, I couldn’t do the “even if” this week.  My heart wasn’t in it.  You were moving mountains and I was staring at anthills with dread.

Every time I think, “I must get organized,” I run to the office supplies shop, get markers and white boards and plan out my week.  Then I lose the markers, then the board gets in the way, then I forget to update it, and it gets lost.  I think, if I cleaned up my office/garage/bedroom/storeroom, I would find about 15 of those.  Maybe if I had post it notes everywhere…I don’t have company, so no one would remark on my unusual choice of wall paper.  Hmmmm

So I am waiting for the dryer repairman to come and fix the dryer.  I cannot leave to walk.  I cannot do my errands.  Oooo  I know!  I’ll get Organized!


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