I am a great believer in consequences.  If you do A, then B happens.  If you do not do A, then C happens.  I did not do A or B or C… I spent the better part of Memorial day ferrying people to and from Urgent Care and the Hospital.  ???!  Most people go to a Memorial service or visit graves then have a picnic or barbecue.  Kid got sick at his friend’s house.  Friend’s mom is a nurse.  She knows what to do.  Here!  Drink this Gatorade!  Suck on these ice chips.  Take an antacid every hour, and you’ll feel better.  Kid says, “No, I don’t want ice chips.  Gatorade will make me throw up.  Antacids only work for about 15 min.  So I reject your advice.  Blarggggggg.”  We go to the emergency room because now he’s lost feeling in his hands and face.  He says, “oh, by the way, my health insurance isn’t good anymore.”  Screech… turn around head to Urgent Care.  Doctor says, we can’t re-hydrate him, we can give him a prescription but can’t give him the medicine.  Take him to ER.  Zip over to ER.  They put him on saline solution (intravenous Gatorade), morphine for pain, and take this pill (supercharged antacid.)  Ahhh.  That’s better.  What?!  Exactly the same thing as nurse said to do and instead of free will cost you a couple thousand dollars.  How is that better?!  Oh and it’s stress related.  Then, while he’s attached to tubes, I run back to house to pick up hubby and take HIM to urgent care because he blew his knee out.  My daughter, the exercise guru, says to use ice and ibuprofen and wrap it with ace bandage or get a knee brace.  But we go to Urgent Care because we might get a free knee brace.  They gave us an ace bandage.  Guess what the treatment was…  Ice and ibuprofen, and wrap it with ace bandage.  Take hubby with me to hospital to check on kid.  He’s fine, just allowed to eat baby food for a week.  And avoid stress, like getting a job where he can get health care benefits, getting a driver’s license so I don’t have to drive him everywhere especially his job, going to school and learning to be useful to society.  The very things that would alleviate the stress are also major causes of it.  Catch 22.

My “A” is walking and I got a fit bit!  YAY!  Haven’t used it yet because I spent the majority of my time going back and forth to Hospital and Urgent Care!  Which means I won’t get my B: 30 miles this month.  And will get C: my back pain will come back, and my weight will go up and my stress will go up and and and.  How do people do this?!


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