Back to the fun!

YAY!  had a training session today.  (note the mild enthusiasm)  Worked on the circuit to get back into things.  Assisted ab crunches for a min (45) leg curls at #50 for a min (45), alternate for 3 sets.  Chest press machine at #10 for a min (30-35), lat pulls at #60 for a min (30) and alternate those for 3 sets.  15 min on stationary bike with random intervals–resistance from 1-5.  NAP TIME!  omg.  I’m still about what I was 2 weeks ago, so I didn’t gain any weight.  But, I didn’t get my walking in either.  I’m at 6.9 miles for May.  Don’t think I’ll get to 30 this month.  What’s the point in setting a goal if you have no intention of making any kind of effort to reach it?  Doh!

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