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How does she DO that?!!!!

When I decided to start walking, I got walking shoes.  My friends and my daughters that run got running shoes.  There are training shoes, tennis shoes, cross training shoes, dress shoes, dressy shoes, comfortable shoes… So in the “ideal” woman’s day, she should carry about 3-5 pairs of shoes around with her.  As she walks from the parking lot to the office building, she uses her walking shoes.  From the office to the 5th floor, she uses her cross trainers because trying to do stairs in walking shoes makes no sense (she says with tongue firmly placed in cheek.)  Once she gets to her office, she changes into her dress shoes.  She finishes work, changes into her cross trainers, runs the stairs, changes into her walking shoes, finds her car, changes into her dressy shoes for dinner out (those are the ones with the 4″ stiletto heels) and then into comfortable shoes for the drive home where she takes OFF her shoes and massages her poor aching feet.

So I went to Jurassic World movie.  THIS IS NOT A SPOILER!  Do you remember the scene in Romancing the Stone where Jack takes Joan’s shoes and chops off the heels so she can walk in them?  This is a running gag in action films.  Our hero, Owen, tells our heroine she should go back to the safety of the center because she couldn’t keep up in those ridiculous shoes.  She rearranges her clothes (and does nothing with the shoes) and then poses.   He’s confused.  She says she’s ready to go, then proceeds to tromp through the jungle, run through mud and muck, out runs dinosaurs and whatever in her 3″ heels!  How in the world (even in the Jurassic world) does she keep them on?  How does she out run dinosaurs that have been clocked at 30 mph after having spent 15 hours in these shoes?  How does she still have feeling in her toes?  She jumps over rubble and lands in a roll to a standing position and NEVER loses her shoes!  I’m thinking super glue here.  The soldiers and dino hunters and everyone else seems to have jungle boots on.  They all die.  Maybe if they wore the heels…

I decided if she could spend 15 hours in the shoes and still outperform Usain Bolt over rough territory, I should try it.  I put on my 2″ heels and my comfy socks and started out to walk.  I got to the end of the driveway.  Note to self, always trim toenails before wearing heals for any length of time.  Another note to self, do not attempt to walk long distances in shoes you have worn only to church and walking from car to building and back.  Another note to self, just because they look cool doesn’t mean they fit right.  Now I have sticky notes all over my closet door.  Hmmm.  Husband takes notes down and looks me straight in the eye, “NOTE TO SELF,” he says with a wicked smile on his face, “what you see in the movies is not real!”  What?!  Those weren’t real dinosaurs?  There really wasn’t a Jurassic Park let alone a Jurassic World?  Star Lord didn’t become friendly with velociraptors?  Groot was not an extra in the jungle scenes?  Most likely then, she didn’t actually do all those things in her 3″ heels.  I’m disillusioned.

Keto get di car!

Sorry, that was a very bad Clouseau reference.  I heard about this Keto diet, and I thought I’d try it.  Basically a protein diet with vegies for the nutrients.  Wayyyy back on carbs which means bread, potatoes, turnips, beets, parsnips, carrots, fruit…

Fruit?!!!!  my lovely Fruit?!!!  I live for fruit seasons!  Plums and apricots and peaches (ohhh, sob, peaches) and cherries and and and…  Pies and cobblers and pickles and sauces and jams and jellies and ice cream.  What is October without spiced peaches and home canned mulled cider?  What is Christmas without apple pie and apricot glaze on the turkey?  When it’s -25 and you crave a hot cherry cobbler!  Who can honestly say they don’t miss strawberry jam?  (ok, my daughter in law is allergic, but other than that…)  I was a good girl and I tried it for a week.

It was a very weird experience.  I had bacon and sausage and eggs and cottage cheese for breakfast.  Then I had chicken salad on a lettuce leaf (my leaf taco!) for lunch, and then barbecued pork ribs with baked beans and a green salad for dinner.  “OMG,”  I thought to myself, “that’s at least 8000 calories.”  Nope, I was 200 short of my 1200 calorie goal.  What?!  Wow!  I went for a week on this, and when I went in to get weighed, I was down 2 pounds!  I was flabbergasted!  What are the side effects?  Well, I get these cramps in the bottoms of my feet, and my toes try to trade places with each other.  My son and I grilled up a bunch (read 10# bag) of chicken legs and thighs with nothing but seasoning salt.  That’s what we made the chicken salad out of.  Also used for soup and to put in casserole.  Once a week or so, we have some fish.  It’s hard to come up with things to eat with the fish that isn’t high in carbs, but I’m figuring it out.  It will be interesting to see how this looks at the end of the month.

ANOTHER inaccurate walk

Went to the ball game Sunday, and as is my usual practice, took a lap around the ball field in 7th inning.  Started my runkeeper.  Got back to my seat to find I had taken 3 steps and it asked me if I wanted to quit.  I got the steps from my fitbit, but not the distance.  Sent in a question to the runkeeper support and they said to uninstall and reinstall.  We’ll see how it comes out.

While we were at the game, one of the guys on the other team hit 2 foul balls.  Both of them came our direction, and 1 hit a little girl (3 years old) and the other hit a Korean Vet square in the chest.  Sounded like Rocky Balboa hitting the carcasses in the meat locker.  I hope they’re ok.  It was a bit warm and they had free sunscreen out, so I put mine on and didn’t burn.  Yay!

Inaccurate walk

I did my neighborhood walk this afternoon, and dutifully started my runkeeper to keep track of my meanderings.  I took a pause at the water fountain in the park, and pushed pause.  Began the walk again and hit resume.  I got about 3/4 of a block from home and checked my distance and it wanted to know if I wanted to save this walk indicating I had stopped walking 1/2 mile earlier.  Wha???  NOOOO!  So I restarted the tracker figuring I could adjust the walk when I got home.  Wouldn’t let me extend the walk because it had no time period.  I didn’t get credit for the middle part of my walk.  But I did get nearly 4200 steps in…  And because my fitbit takes its information from runkeeper, I got credit for 25 min walk instead.

It was a lovely walk though a bit warm.  Back tightened just slightly, but not to the point of pain.  YAY!

Finally out in the open!

1st good day I have to walk AND I have time!  I’m so excited.  I went on the Lied trail, I’m still going clockwise so that I don’t pull stuff in back.  Much to my surprise, I had NO pain!  If not for my lesson, I would have been able to walk a couple of miles.  The clover and the roses are blooming.  What a fantastic smell!  I wanted to make doubly sure I got my credit for actually walking so I entered it in my fitbit and in my runkeeper.  I wonder if I get double credit that way… hmmm.

I am basically on the Atkins diet.  It is a “Keto” diet where you replace all the sugar you were eating before with fat.  Then the body runs out of sugar and carbs to burn, it starts burning fat.  We like that.  Today I had a super protein breakfast.  2 eggs, 2 sausage, 2 bacon, cottage cheese and coffee.  Filling!  worked and then came home and had a lettuce taco.  It’s a Romaine lettuce leaf filled with home made chicken salad.  Went back out to work, and then took my lovely walk.  Picked up a cucumber, a pepper, a tomato and some colby/jack cheese and a dozen eggs.  Got home and boiled the eggs, then ripped up some Romaine, added the little broccoli florets, some celery, 1/2 the cuke, the tomato, 1/2 the pepper, about 2 cups of the chicken I processed yesterday (boned, skinned, cubed, and grilled with seasoning salt) and about 8 slices of the cheese, and about 3 slices of bacon (chopped).  The recipe feeds 2.  Hubby and son and I had it and had leftovers.  Blew my diet then?  No!  still have 388 calories I can eat!!!  I like this diet.  🙂  We’ll see if it works.  But my carbs are way way down.  For the WEEK, I have 307g of carbs.  That’s about 1/2 of what I was averaging 2 weeks ago.  I’m astounded.   2 weeks ago, I’d eat 1 meal, check my totals and know that to stay under 1200 calories, I could only eat one more meal.  Now I eat 3 squares, and I’m still averaging between 850-900 calories per day.  Consequences:  way more saturated fat.  Fascinating experiment.


My PLAN was to go to church, have a good protein rich breakfast, then walk around the lake before my meeting.  What happened was I went to church, had my good protein rich breakfast, met my kid at the emergency room and spent the better part of 3 hours in the waiting room worrying and playing this stupid “flow” game on my phone, and I missed my meeting.  I got home, did some gardening and then had my night activities.  😦  no walking.