Finally out in the open!

1st good day I have to walk AND I have time!  I’m so excited.  I went on the Lied trail, I’m still going clockwise so that I don’t pull stuff in back.  Much to my surprise, I had NO pain!  If not for my lesson, I would have been able to walk a couple of miles.  The clover and the roses are blooming.  What a fantastic smell!  I wanted to make doubly sure I got my credit for actually walking so I entered it in my fitbit and in my runkeeper.  I wonder if I get double credit that way… hmmm.

I am basically on the Atkins diet.  It is a “Keto” diet where you replace all the sugar you were eating before with fat.  Then the body runs out of sugar and carbs to burn, it starts burning fat.  We like that.  Today I had a super protein breakfast.  2 eggs, 2 sausage, 2 bacon, cottage cheese and coffee.  Filling!  worked and then came home and had a lettuce taco.  It’s a Romaine lettuce leaf filled with home made chicken salad.  Went back out to work, and then took my lovely walk.  Picked up a cucumber, a pepper, a tomato and some colby/jack cheese and a dozen eggs.  Got home and boiled the eggs, then ripped up some Romaine, added the little broccoli florets, some celery, 1/2 the cuke, the tomato, 1/2 the pepper, about 2 cups of the chicken I processed yesterday (boned, skinned, cubed, and grilled with seasoning salt) and about 8 slices of the cheese, and about 3 slices of bacon (chopped).  The recipe feeds 2.  Hubby and son and I had it and had leftovers.  Blew my diet then?  No!  still have 388 calories I can eat!!!  I like this diet.  🙂  We’ll see if it works.  But my carbs are way way down.  For the WEEK, I have 307g of carbs.  That’s about 1/2 of what I was averaging 2 weeks ago.  I’m astounded.   2 weeks ago, I’d eat 1 meal, check my totals and know that to stay under 1200 calories, I could only eat one more meal.  Now I eat 3 squares, and I’m still averaging between 850-900 calories per day.  Consequences:  way more saturated fat.  Fascinating experiment.

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