Inaccurate walk

I did my neighborhood walk this afternoon, and dutifully started my runkeeper to keep track of my meanderings.  I took a pause at the water fountain in the park, and pushed pause.  Began the walk again and hit resume.  I got about 3/4 of a block from home and checked my distance and it wanted to know if I wanted to save this walk indicating I had stopped walking 1/2 mile earlier.  Wha???  NOOOO!  So I restarted the tracker figuring I could adjust the walk when I got home.  Wouldn’t let me extend the walk because it had no time period.  I didn’t get credit for the middle part of my walk.  But I did get nearly 4200 steps in…  And because my fitbit takes its information from runkeeper, I got credit for 25 min walk instead.

It was a lovely walk though a bit warm.  Back tightened just slightly, but not to the point of pain.  YAY!

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