ANOTHER inaccurate walk

Went to the ball game Sunday, and as is my usual practice, took a lap around the ball field in 7th inning.  Started my runkeeper.  Got back to my seat to find I had taken 3 steps and it asked me if I wanted to quit.  I got the steps from my fitbit, but not the distance.  Sent in a question to the runkeeper support and they said to uninstall and reinstall.  We’ll see how it comes out.

While we were at the game, one of the guys on the other team hit 2 foul balls.  Both of them came our direction, and 1 hit a little girl (3 years old) and the other hit a Korean Vet square in the chest.  Sounded like Rocky Balboa hitting the carcasses in the meat locker.  I hope they’re ok.  It was a bit warm and they had free sunscreen out, so I put mine on and didn’t burn.  Yay!

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