Keto get di car!

Sorry, that was a very bad Clouseau reference.  I heard about this Keto diet, and I thought I’d try it.  Basically a protein diet with vegies for the nutrients.  Wayyyy back on carbs which means bread, potatoes, turnips, beets, parsnips, carrots, fruit…

Fruit?!!!!  my lovely Fruit?!!!  I live for fruit seasons!  Plums and apricots and peaches (ohhh, sob, peaches) and cherries and and and…  Pies and cobblers and pickles and sauces and jams and jellies and ice cream.  What is October without spiced peaches and home canned mulled cider?  What is Christmas without apple pie and apricot glaze on the turkey?  When it’s -25 and you crave a hot cherry cobbler!  Who can honestly say they don’t miss strawberry jam?  (ok, my daughter in law is allergic, but other than that…)  I was a good girl and I tried it for a week.

It was a very weird experience.  I had bacon and sausage and eggs and cottage cheese for breakfast.  Then I had chicken salad on a lettuce leaf (my leaf taco!) for lunch, and then barbecued pork ribs with baked beans and a green salad for dinner.  “OMG,”  I thought to myself, “that’s at least 8000 calories.”  Nope, I was 200 short of my 1200 calorie goal.  What?!  Wow!  I went for a week on this, and when I went in to get weighed, I was down 2 pounds!  I was flabbergasted!  What are the side effects?  Well, I get these cramps in the bottoms of my feet, and my toes try to trade places with each other.  My son and I grilled up a bunch (read 10# bag) of chicken legs and thighs with nothing but seasoning salt.  That’s what we made the chicken salad out of.  Also used for soup and to put in casserole.  Once a week or so, we have some fish.  It’s hard to come up with things to eat with the fish that isn’t high in carbs, but I’m figuring it out.  It will be interesting to see how this looks at the end of the month.

2 thoughts on “Keto get di car!

  1. Everything you eat with chicken will go with fish. We usually just have steamed veggies, especially broccoli. Avocado is great with everything, and Guacamole is just magical.


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