Nice Walk, no aliens

What a lovely day to take a walk!  90 degrees, noon, heat index 110…  Sprint to the shade, mosey, sprint to the shade, mosey…

I have had “fun” with my run keeper in that sometimes, according to my route, I am magically transported miles away in seconds.  I discovered if I kept my phone in my wallet, and my wallet in my pocket, I was not abducted by aliens.  Walked around Zorinsky Lake, 3.79 miles.  There were trees and a nice breeze every once in a while.  Discovered that if you walk in the mornings or around noon, all the benches (but 1) are in the sun.  There is an incentive to keep moving.  I am now averaging about 23m 30s per mile now.  No back cramping anymore!

I have been doing the low/no carb diet for about 3 weeks now, and have lost weight.  I still have some potassium issues however.  But, I was a bad girl today and had 1 of those Panera Cinnamon Rolls this morning.  630 calories and 2 tons of carbs.  Penance is the walk around the lake.  My husband, who’s from Minnesota, thinks it’s funny that in Nebraska you CAN walk around the lake and be back before supper.


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