Slightly sunburnt, but feeling good

After my lovely walk yesterday, I went to my lovely runkeeper to see how my progress was progressing.  It had me down as RUNNING.  Ok, really slow running, 23min /mile.  But it didn’t count toward my walking goal.  I don’t know where this danged ap got the idea that I could run.  Try to run runkeeper, and it doesn’t run.  (I think that’s hilarious.)  Went to the site on the computer and got it fixed, I think…

I have to stop at the gym and drop off my food and exercise journals and get my current weight for my trainer.  I am afraid to take my weight again because I think the loss is a fluke.  I have discovered that when I eat sparingly and have lots of activity, it doesn’t always reflect in a weight loss.  I have had occasions where I didn’t have time for 3 good meals and had LOTS of activity and my weight actually went up because an errant piece of buttered popcorn jumped onto me.  4 oz of buttered popcorn —> 4 pound weight gain?  Evil stuff that popcorn!

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