Cursing comes from the scales in the bathroom.  Wall banging.  Stomping.  “All I did was eat 1 potato!  One little potato smaller than my fist!  Baked!  Salted!”  Those sneaky bastids.  275 calories, 63 g of carbs!!!!!  My limit for carbs is 90/day. So if I have an apple at 116 calories, I have 30 more g of carbs and I’m maxed out.  I can have 1200 cal per day so I still have 800 more calories, but I can’t eat any more carbs.  So no carrots or celery or melon, or grapes or broccoli.  Just meat.  800 calories of just meat.  YOU CAN’T WALK OFF CARBOHYDRATES.  I could have 2 slices of bread and it would be less than 1 potato.  GAAAAAAAHHHHH!  I could go for the rest of the day without eating, and zip off to the gym and do cardio for 2 hours and weight lifting for an hour but because I had 1 potato, I will gain weight.  1 cup of rice would be 2/3 the carbs of 1 potato.  Pasta has fewer carbs than a potato.

Starvation subsistence foods in very poor countries consist of things that are high carb–rice, bread, potatoes, corn–all very starchy. The protein was hard to get because usually it was bigger than you and had teeth and claws and horns and ran faster than you.  Most of these staples were grain based–wheat, barley, corn, rice, because they were easy to plant and harvest and you harvested in multiples of what you planted.  AND, it had no teeth, claws or horns and couldn’t run away.  Imagine if you planted 100 grains of wheat and only harvested 100 grains.  Wheat knows that not all its “children” are going to live to maturity, and allows for unsuitable soil, birds and other predators, bad weather, drought, so it multiplies itself when it matures by as many times as it can to ensure that the wheat family will continue.  (Wheat doesn’t know anything doofus!  Wheat has no brain!  I’m sorry, I had a potato, I’m not thinking straight!)

We now have supermarkets where we can catch trout, buffalo, pigs, cows, chickens, turkeys, the odd yak…  No hunting required!  No making spears and lying in wait in the tall grass!  Woohoo!  I can go shoe shopping!  Instead of taking hours to gather enough grains to pound into powder and make into something we can eat, we get bags of flour.  Instead of checking to see if the food is ripe before we can eat it, we have it shipped in from Florida and Texas and California.  Finding and preparing food is easy!  And even so, we want to have someone else make it.  DING!  Restaurants!  and Fast Food!  and Pot Luck dinners in the basement of the church!  We don’t need the starvation subsistence foods because we’re not starving.  BUT we crave them because deep deep (really deep) in the back of our minds, there is something asking, “What if we run out of food tonight?”  That’s why there are a million recipes for potatoes, pasta, rice and bread.  Every meal includes carb laden items.  All the far eastern dishes include some form of rice or noodles.  We think meat and ___________, that’s right potatoes.  The natives of the land were largely animal fed.  1 large animal could feed a community for days.  To stretch out the time the food would last, it was combined with whatever could be gathered and processed.  The plants gathered could be stored with minimum spoilage and used in between hunting expeditions.  But when they started planting food, they had to stay put to harvest it and couldn’t follow the food source around.  When the harvest was done, you had to wait another year for the next harvest so it had to be planned out.  How much do I need for a year of food?!  If only we could keep meat animals here on the acreage and they didn’t eat all our subsistence plants!  Oooh, ducks, geese, chickens, sheep, goats, fish!  DANG that cow eats a lot!

So in order to eat a balanced diet, get the exercise we need, we need to revert to temporary housing and follow herds around.  I love camping, but I’m not ready to live in a tent and move every 3-4 days.  Where would I plug in my computer?

Note to self:  NO POTATOES before writing blog!


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