Ow is just Wo backwards

What the heck does that mean?!!!!

Sunday, I went to a Renaissance Faire, and I had to walk a lot just to get to the front gate!  But I had my running (hahaha) tracker on so I would get credit for the…huh?  what do you mean location services not enabled?!  YOU MEAN that ALL OF THAT WALKING FROM THE CAR DIDN’T EVEN COUNT STEPS?!!!!   Sigh.  It doesn’t matter what it tracked because I’m getting a benefit, she says with gritted teeth and a fake smile.  Monday, I was sunburned and short on time and sore from the walk.  Tuesday, I went to my training with my hubby.

My son believes my trainer is a drill sergeant with a migraine.  We are doing a cardio circuit.  We start out with a modest amount of activity, 15 lat pulls on the machine and 15 elbow to knee touches while standing.  We now have our heartbeats up above 100.  She leads us over to the elliptical machines and we set them on ramp 5 and resistance 5 and go as hard and as fast as we can for 1 min.  For me, that’s 170-180 strides per min.  Take a drink and then do the lat pulls and elbow to knee touches again.  The 2nd time we go to the elliptical, we do a min on resistance 10 for a min.  I’m at 160 to 170 strides per min.  3rd time’s a charm, do the lat pulls and elbow to knee touches.  3rd time to elliptical at lvl 15.  I can only do about 130-150 at that resistance.  End of phase 1

Phase 2:  15 Chest presses at 30 pounds for me, followed by 15 knee raises with hands going up from shoulder at the same time.  (Demented raise the roof dance step…)  Then we go back to the elliptical at resistance 5.  Repeat the chest presses and knee raises, then go to resistance 10.  Repeat and go to resistance 15.  We are now a lovely cherry-red in the face and sweating like sweaty people.

Phase 3:  15 bicep curls at 25 pounds, and 15 triceps extensions at 30 pounds.  It should be followed by the elliptical exercises at 5, 10 and 15 resistance, but hubby and I absolutely cannot walk over to the machines by this point.

This is where the Wo comes in.  It should be spelled Whoa! but then it wouldn’t be Ow backwards would it.  Hubby falls asleep about 9:30,  and I go to bed before midnight!  This is 3 days in a row I’ve gone to bed that early.  The effect of this training, the extra sleep, and Sunday’s walk is that slowly I’m beginning to think this is going to work.  I feel energized and want to take another walk, accept a bigger challenge in my studies, take on 20 more students, take over the world!  I need to find a mouse named Pinky to be my minion.  The more effort I expend, the less resistance to expending the effort I experience.  Isn’t that interesting?  Is this true for every physical, mental, and spiritual endeavor?  One could argue for that.  Is there any empirical evidence to support this hypothesis?  I would certainly be interested in finding out!

I will update you on my weight progress on Saturday.

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