I have a scheduled time at the gym with a trainer.  *Pats self on back*  I go twice a week.  *High fives self*  Then stuff happens.  I’m scheduled for Saturdays and Tuesdays, and last Saturday, I had a meeting that was about 3 1/2 hours long, followed by another meeting that was 2 hours long, and finally followed by a banjo student.  Missed that Saturday.  This week, I am giving a Leadership seminar.  The next Saturday should be all right, but the one after that is another event that goes from Friday afternoon to Saturday at 3:00.  Then yesterday (Tuesday) I had something that didn’t agree with me and I got the runs.  You don’t get cardio credit for the runs.  So, I missed that session too.  I have to think that I don’t get any benefit from SCHEDULING training sessions, I only get benefits if I GO to training sessions.  No problem, I can make these up.  Except I won’t.  I’ve missed 4 sessions out of the 8 I scheduled.  *Gives self a Dinozzo Slap*

I shouldn’t have to re-evaluate how much getting fit and healthy means to me.  That should be a given.  It seems to be a given to everyone I admire, then I read their blogs, and I find them re-evaluating!  So this is a normal thing, and I shouldn’t make too much of it.  The correct response then would be, “Well shoot.  Get back on the horse doofus!”

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