This is weird

I went in for my training today and we did a Elliptical combination.  Looks like this:

1 min on elliptical at resistance 5, 180+ strides/min

15 chest presses at 35 pounds on the machine

15 lat pulls at  80 pounds on the machine

1 min on elliptical at resistance 10, 175 strides/min

chest presses, then lat pulls

1 min on elliptical at resistance 15, 140 strides/min

chest presses then lat pulls.

I did really well on the 1st elliptical combo, then on the 2nd time through at resistance 10, I got 40 seconds in and hit a wall.  I dropped from 170 to 136 and almost didn’t finish!  My legs just stopped moving and my arms didn’t cooperate.  It took me nearly 15 min to lower my heart rate.  I used to do that in seconds.  The 3rd time through, at lvl 15, I could barely get it over 100 and then not for any length of time.  I was supposed to go through this cycle twice with different weight machines in between, but it took me so long to recover, that I only got through 1 set.  Can anyone explain this?


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