What does it take?

I went to the gym for my training session.  I was on crutches and very sore.  Here’s the thing:  When you can’t put any weight on your leg, all the weight goes on your hands.  That’s “hands” plural.  How do people on crutches carry things?  I got a back pack and a fanny pack so I can carry my books and notebooks and wallet and pens and stuff.  But how do you carry your hot dog to the table?  How do you carry your soda?  How do you carry your groceries into the house?  If you put them in a bag, it must have handles.  So you grab the handles, grab your crutches and go…but the bag hits the crutches every step.  Good bye eggs!  How do you open the door and maintain your balance with your grocery bag in one hand and the crutch in the other?  Remember it’s a spring loaded screen door…This means that UNLESS SOMEONE FEEDS ME OR BRINGS ME FOOD, I DON’T EAT.  My trainer was ecstatic!  I was down to 206!  “Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it,” she said.  “You’re down 7 pounds in 2 weeks!”

I am extremely hungry, so, being me, I found a work-around.  Compensating behavior. This is the behavior that makes it appear that you are doing the right things, but you’re doing them in a different way.  Before the broken hip, my left leg was weaker than my right.  To do step-ups with weights, I simply stepped up with my right leg, but with my left, I swung the weights to give me the momentum to get up on the platform.  Now when I go to the gym, it’s shoulders, arms, back and abdominals.  How am I gaining weight then?  Oh…people bring me food.  I can drive now.  (That’s right, connect the dots.)  *sobs*  I’m eating out!  And when I’m home and hubby makes dinner, I ask for SECONDS and he gives them to me.  He’s a very good cook, and the stuff he makes is so delicious.  I should thank him, eat ONE portion and stop.  I don’t.

So though it’s measurable progress, it’s moving in the wrong direction.


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